Route 1
2. R1 Map
Map of Route 1
Motto -
Region Kanto
Connecting Locations North - Viridian City

South - Pallet Town

Gym Leader -
Gym Type -

Route 1 is a medium-length route connecting Pallet Town with Viridian City.


To get to Viridian City, trainers must cross a lot of patches of tall grass, and zig-zag around ledges located on this not very short nor very long, plain route. To return, however, to Pallet Town, it is possible to jump down those ledges and skip a lot of wild Pokémon.

This route is not very popular with trainers and there aren't any battles here.


  • Potion
From the Poké Mart assistant


Tall GrassEdit

Pidgey, levels 2 to 5, 49% chance.

Rattata, levels 3 to 4, 49 % chance.

Pidgeotto, level 8, 1 % chance

Raticate, level 8, 1 % chance


Mystery Guy ???

  • Porygon, level 5